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What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a method of agriculture that works in accord with nature. It can be practiced to achieve enhanced crop harvest without deteriorating the environment. Different techniques are used for this farming such as crop rotation, a biological method of pest control by using herbicides, using bio fertilizers. The basic idea is to keep the land in a good health. The use of synthetic material is strictly abolished. Organic farming is absolutely eco-friendly and has zero pollution related consequences.

How old is organic farming?

Organic farming is not a new invention of mankind, it is age-old. People from prehistoric times have been known to practice organic farming. Forest gardening is considered to be oldest method and original form of agriculture. The introduction of fertilizers dates back to the 18th century. While the uses of fertilizers, made up of ammonia, accelerated during 1st world war. This revolution was capable of showing increased yield instantly, but had serious long term side effect. This ultimately increased the soil erosion, infertility and other health hazard. Very lately after the advancement of science the ill effects came into light and awareness was being spread thereafter.

What are the harmful effects of Chemicals & Pesticides in Vegetables and Fruits?

Pesticides, as the name suggests, are chemicals/compounds/substances which reduce or eradicate crop destroying menaces. These menaces range from pests, weeds to various plant diseases. To counter them, there has been a proliferation of pesticides, mainly in the form of Organophosphate (OP) insecticides, carbamates, pyrethoids, herbicides and fungicides.

Quick look at the effects these chemicals and pesticides have on us.

Children: Probably the worst affected of the lot. Children have a body system which is still in the stage of development. This includes their digestive and metabolic processes. Contaminated fruits and vegetables reach their organs and except the digested fibres, the rest does not get flushed. As a result, the harmful chemicals remain for a longer period and slowly get absorbed within. A 2007 review found out that “most studies on non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukaemia showed positive associations with pesticide exposure” Stressing on the need to minimise cosmetic usage of pesticides and chemicals, it also suggested strong links between pesticides and its ilk to birth defects, neurological problems, foetal deaths and neurodevelopment disorders.

Adults: The effect on adults is less pronounced initially but worsens as the time progresses. Pesticides with neurotoxins can cause long lasting and mostly permanent nerve damages pertaining to irreversible brain impairment. Reduction in body reflexes and lowering in the thinking capacity are the short term repercussions.

Workers handling pesticides have often complained about dizziness, abdominal pain, headaches and nausea. In China, such a phenomena is frequent. Half a million are affected by pesticide poisoning on an average annually, of which almost 500 deaths are reported. Most of it is attributed to Pyrethrins, an insecticide commonly found in bug killers, which when breathed in causes suffering and eventual death.

According to The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, 9 of the 12 most dangerous and persistent chemicals are pesticides.

How do I prevent consumption of Harmful chemicals and Fertilizers in fruits and vegetables?

  1. Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly. It needs to be kept under running water for a few minutes to let the chemical wash off.
  2. Observation is the key to filter the good from the bad. Brightly coloured fruits with uniform colours need to be avoided.
  3. Avoid fruits and vegetables with necrosis or dark spots.
  4. Avoid buying fruits during their off season. The chances of them getting artificially ripened are higher.
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