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Welcome to Organic Living...Orgliv

Orgliv Organic Pvt Ltd is a company established with vision to provide a new way of living, Chemical Free World. Our Ecommerce venture provides a single chemical free source for everything used in our daily life and would include Certified Organic Products, Zero Pesticides /Chemical free and natural products, sourced directly from the farmers and producers to bring best quality products at fair price to the consumers. In this endeavor we intend to be in the following businesses as we grow.

Ecommerce site: It’s our first venture where company intends to have the most extensive range of products covering all products possible including fruits and vegetables, grocery items, beverages, baby food, medicinal and food supplements, Sea Food, Poultry, Personal care, Cosmetics, Clothes, Pooja items, farm products and items of globally renowned organic, chemical free and natural brands.
As second step we would be rolling out B2B model to integrate our Organic suppliers and also wholesaler and retailers who would want to procure and resell products which we would source from around India and overseas locations. Aim is to create a strong network to ensure the best quality chemical free products reach maximum number of consumers at the shortest possible time.

Retail shops: We intend to open retail stores to help reach the offline customers in all large metro cities in the country in a phased manner and to give franchises in non-metro locations.
Exports: India is one of the largest producer of organic products and can act as the source for organic products globally. We intend to be one of the leading players in this field with subsidiaries globally. Aim is to help the farmers realise fair value of products to move more farmers to adopting organic and chemical free methods of farming .
Food processing plant: We intend to venture into food processing and cold storage with our dedicated plants in India to process the products procured from farmers and help in reducing food wastage due and help improve the shelf life of products. Plant would be established in accordance with globally recognized USDA, IMO and India standards of FSSAI and NPOP . We want to be present in the entire value chain for strict quality control at each level and to bring maximum value to the end customers.
Advanced Organic Farming : As final step we would get into advanced farming to introduce new age farming technology like Hydroponics ,mechanized farming and other modern methods without use of any chemicals at any stage of farming .
Organic Restaurants: We may also would get into business of organic restaurants and snack joints to promote the concept of farm to table concept and be present in the entire value chain to offer best quality chemical free products to consumers.
Why we want to get in this business ?? These days most products that we consume either raw or processed are grown using dangerous chemicals and pesticides, packed with preservatives and adulterated. There are very few products which we can consume with surety. In India this problem is really grave with high use of chemical by farmers due to ignorance ,mal practices of manufactures/trades and ineffective regulatory environment. The penetration of organic stores in India is very limited and most manufactures of organic products tend to focus more on export market and sell products in India at the same inflated prices which is beyond the reach of common people . We through our businesses want to cut the middle chain between the farmer and end consumer and bring best in quality chemical free organic products to the people
Mission Statement
To provide chemical free organic and natural products to consumers at fair price and contribute towards overall wellbeing of the society

We through our businesses want to cut the middle chain between the farmer and end consumer and bring best in quality chemical free organic products to the people

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